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What's Inside Finding the Right One in Light of the Beatitudes

Press Release

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How do we explain the high divorce rate among professing Christians? In his newly published book, What’s Inside, Finding the Right One in Light of the Beatitudes, Pastor Donald Thomas traces the answer back to the selection process itself. Too many young people today are making the mistake of looking on the outside rather than the heart in discerning Mr. or Mrs. Right. What’s Inside picks up the stethoscope of the eight Beatitudes to help the reader discern the presence of a spiritual heartbeat. Pastor Thomas underscores the importance of the father’s role in guiding his daughter through the courtship process. The reader will also be surprised to discover some of the creative ways in which young singles can be proactive in finding the right one. What’s Inside is a must-read for every Christian parent and single person seeking God’s will for a happy marriage.

Donald Thomas is the pastor-teacher of Trinity Bible Church in Powell, Wyoming. He received a Master’s Degree from Talbot Theological Seminary and a J.D. from John Marshall Law School. He practiced law in California and served as a professor at the Simon Greenleaf School of Law. He and his wife Mary have seven grown children and seventeen grandchildren.

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